What is « tsp-data-portal.org » ?

TSP data portal is an information platform that provides immediate and free access to a wide range of global energy and climate statistics, using enhanced navigation and graphic tools. 

What makes TSP Data Portal a unique online tool?

TSP-data-portal works as a “one-stop-shop”. Nowhere else will users find climate and energy data which covers a wide geographical and historical span, comes from trusted sources, is easy to navigate and visualize, and can be exported for further use!

Who is it for ?

TSP-data-portal is a unique reference targeting specific decision=makers and experts who often need trusted, quantitative data to illustrate or verify an argument (including governments, NGOs, independent researchers, academics, consultants, advisors, journalists).

How does it work?

The Shift Project data portal was developed thanks to QlikView, a powerful business intelligence software which provides enhanced ergonomics and seamless navigation through multidimensional data.



QlikView allows the extracting and combination of data from different sources, such as Excel, Access and other databases. The developer component of QlikView uses this data to generate graphs. QlikView Server and its sub-components then places the content online, managing the online features of the site and security. Once the "QlikView content" is deployed via QlikView Server, we manage ergonomics, SEO and all the other contents of TSP-Data-Portal through Drupal, an effective CMS based on PHP and MySQL.

Creating & Sharing Information

You can create a customized graphic that meet your needs with the data available on the portal, which can be exported as images, Excel spreadsheets and dynamic graphs – those can in turn be embedded in other websites or blogs. 

Tsp-data-portal.org collects only public and therefore free data. The content accessible in the data portal is meant to evolve and become enriched over time. As contributors suggest new data sources and new datasets, The Shift Project team implements their ideas, checking data consistency and quality and eventually making  new datasets available for all users. Anyone can become the author of a new dataset and help tsp-data-portal.org become a reference data source for energy and climate issues.


Today, the portal gives access to historical statistics:

  • primary energy production statistics by energy type and country since 1900
  • primary consumption and energy balances of countries (imports-exports)
  • electricity generation and installed power capacity for different energy sources
  • greenhouse gas emissions by country, GHG type and sectors. 

The portal also houses many energy supply forecast scenarios (which are brought together in a single location), as well as consistency control tools for oil supplies (enabling users to compare production scenarios against oil ultimate recoverable reserves).


The project team is grateful to the many individuals at The Shift Project and around the world who have provided help, data, testing and feedback.

In particular, we wish to thank individuals who contributed to developing specific datasets, see “About” pages for details.

The Shift Project is grateful for the financial support from its  benefactor members. 

The Shift Project is also grateful for the support provided by QlickTech (software license, deployment consultancy and technical support). 

Project management: Zeynep Kahraman, Cedric Ringenbach, Léo Benichou

Drupal development: Antonin Roussel

Graphic design: Thomas Clause