Help / FAQ

How can I use TSP Data Portal? 

The TSP Data Portal enables you to compare data, to customize graphs and to export and share your work.

First, you need to choose a dataset. On the dataset page, you can browse the theme, chart type or the dataset that you're interested in and see all the graphs under these selections. You can then start customizing the graph you want to study by using different navigation boxes. To find out more about the dataset and sources, you can click on the “About” tab, and if you would like to make comments, you can use the “Discussion” section.

Once you are happy with the graph you have created, you can export it.  You just have to click on the image export button and save the picture. To download the data on a spreadsheet format you just need to click the Excel export icon. Download will start automatically.

Finally, you can share your findings with co-workers, family and friends thanks to the URL box at the bottom of the page. This URL contains parameters describing your current selection. Just copy the URL and paste it in the body text of a mail. You can also use facebook and twitter integrated plugins !

Please watch our tutorial video for more information and examples.

Do I need to login to browse a dataset?

No, you don't need to login to browse a dataset. Login is needed only for the "Comments" section.

How can I suggest a new data?

To make a suggestion please see our "Suggest a data" page.

Which types of data can I find on TSP Data Portal?

The TSP Data portal gathers publicly available data related to climate and energy issues.

Who is behind TSP Data Portal?

The TSP Data portal is created by The Shift Project. 

The Shift Project (TSP) is a Europe-wide think tank. Its mission is to act as a proactive source of proposals which focus primarily on the resources required to make the shift to an economy free of dependency on fossil fuels (and therefore greenhouse gas emissions). 

Technical issues:

Why do I need to enable cookies ?

You need to enable cookies in your Web browser in order to visualise TSP Data Portal charts. What are cookies? Cookies are files created by websites you've visited that store browsing information, such as your site preferences or profile information. Is enabling cookies safe? Yes. Cookies are just short pieces of data, and they are unable to perform any operation by themselves. You can find out more about cookies and how to enable them at

Can I make multiple selection ? 

Yes you can, by keeping the mouse button down while hovering adjacent choices. Another way is to keep Ctrl key (or Apple key) pressed while clicking different choices.

The chart is not displayed, why ? 

The data portal is known to work with major recent browsers, such as : Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer (version 7, 8 and 9), Microsoft Edge, ... etc.
But, the data portal is not yet working well with Internet Explorer 10 and 11 (May 2013).

Media contact

Anne-Caroline Duplat
Communications Manager, The Shift Project
+33 (0)6 61 83 35 23