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The content accessible in the data portal is meant to evolve and become enriched over time. As contributors suggest new data sources and new ideas of datasets, The Shift Project team implements their ideas, checking data consistency and quality and making the new dataset available for all users.

Anyone can become the author of a new dataset and help become a reference data source for energy and climate issues.

Please, find below the datasets we are working on at the moment.

To make a suggestion, please send an email to

Name Source Explanation Data Availability progress
GDP - Population UN  GDP data (both PPP and $2005) and population as well as data on energy efficiency, energy cons per capita, carbon intensity etc. available in progress
Import Dependency EIA Consumption/ Net Imports available in progress
Wind production Hubbert Flocard & P.F Bach Wind electricity production for some European countries some of it is available + need to be searched for more and be updated in progress
40 years of oil EIA Evolution of oil reserves available not started 
ECO 2 Climat C4 French emissions breakdown available data needs to be updated
Graphs w. Google Map  WRI Emissions + Consumption + Production longtitude + latitude data is needed not started

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